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Welcome to the Islands of Dāmaya!

The “Islands of Dāmaya” is a huge project that we are building, combining Web 3 NFTs (launched on Kadena), an IRL card game, merchandise, and a future digital game.

Beginning with “Pit Bull Bushidō” we have several NFT collections planned to launch on Kadena. Each collection will be a faction in our IRL card game, and our future digital game. Anyone who collects all 47 Samurai (the Samurai of Kadū) will be sent an IRL deck of character cards based on this collection. According to the numbers we are releasing, at most only 47 people will be able to complete their set! The card game will be for sale, once finished, but only those who have collected the 47 Samurai will have these special edition cards.

Pit Bull Bushido No Backgrounds (6).png

IRL Card Game

Here are some samples of a few mockups we’ve made so far. Each of these are headquarters for different factions in the Islands of Dāmaya. We have already ordered some samples of the playing cards, and we’ll be sharing sneak peeks on Twitter!

1 2.png
4 2.png
2 2.png
Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 3.24.23 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 3.20.09 PM.png


Untitled design (10).png

We are launching a line of merchandise based on our projects we’ve built on Kadena. In our store you’ll find snapbacks, t-shirts, hoodies, posters, and more! Every time we launch a collection in our Islands of Dāmaya series, we will also launch a corresponding merchandise package.

"7 Virtues of Bushidō" Snapback Collection

We've launched collection of snapbacks, based on the "7 Virtues of Bushidō." Whether you decide to get one for your favorite virtue or one of each virtue, there many different colors and options to choose from! Prefer baseball caps? We have them too!

Pit Bull (1).png

Future Digital Game

This part may take some time, due to the cost, but we are planning to eventually launch a digital game too! It would include the storyline that we have written for the “Islands of Dāmaya” in comic book style, with a play-through campaign. Click here to check out our comic! 

The Island of Damaya (2).jpg

Join Our Community!

Please join us on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram

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